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Drilling Waste Management Information System: The information resource for better management of drilling wastes
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The Drilling Waste Management Information System is an online resource for technical and regulatory information on practices for managing drilling muds and cuttings, including current practices, state and federal regulations, and guidelines for optimal management practices.

Visitors can use these resources to:

  • learn about industry standard practices;
  • determine which regulatory requirements must be met;
  • select optimal management strategies for their location and circumstances.
:: Technology Descriptions ::
Basic information about practices that are currently employed to manage drilling wastes.
:: Federal and State Regulations ::
Existing state and federal regulations that form the regulatory context for drilling waste management practices.
:: Technology Identification ::
An interactive tool to determine optimal management practices for a given geographical or environmental setting.
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The Drilling Waste Management Information System was developed by Argonne National Laboratory and industry partners, ChevronTexaco and Marathon, under the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Natural Gas & Oil Technology Partnership program. Funding for the project was provided through DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory.