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State Regulations: Michigan

State of Michigan

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), through the Supervisor of Wells, Geological and Land Management Division (GLM), oversees the regulation of oil and gas activities. DEQ staff monitors the environmental impacts of well drilling operations, oil and gas production facilities, and gas storage wells.


Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Geological and Land Management Division
P.O. Box 30256
Lansing, MI 48909-7756
(517) 241-1515 (phone)
(517) 241-1601 (fax)
(Organization Chart)

Disposal Practices and Applicable Regulations

The rules governing oil and gas operations are contained in Part 615, Rules 324.101-324.1301 (Department of Environmental Quality, Oil and Gas Operations) of the Michigan Administrative Code.

  • Disposal of Oil Field Waste (Rules 324.701-324.705).
    • The storage, transportation, or disposal of oil field waste resulting in pollution is generally prohibited (Rule 324.701).
    • Pit disposal is generally prohibited (Rule 324.702).
    • The disposal of oil field fluid waste through underground injection is subject to:
      • compliance with the permitting regulations (Rules 324.201-324.216);
      • formation approval and isolation from fresh water strata (Rule 324.703); and
      • requirements governing adequate tubing and packer and maximum injection pressure Rules 324.801-324.808).
    • The use of annular space for disposal is prohibited subject to a temporary exception granted by the Supervisor (Rule 324.704).

  • Surface Disposal. Michigan does not allow surface disposal and does assure that surface resources (e.g., occurrence of shallow groundwater or proximity to lakes, estuaries, or other unfavorable geologic settings) are protected.

  • Great Lakes. At present, the Michigan portions of the Great Lakes are off-limits with respect to new leasing for the purposes of oil and gas drilling, including directional drilling under a Great Lake.

  • Cavern Disposal. Michigan has vast bedded salt deposits of the Silurian Age Salina Group underlying the state. These deposits have been extensively solution-mined in some areas of the state and have been used for hydrocarbon storage. Thus far, no development or retrofitting of cavities for disposal of oil and gas waste has been requested.

  • Forms Used with Part 615, Supervisor of Wells.