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Drilling Waste Management Information System: The information resource for better management of drilling wastes
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Drilling Waste Management Technology Descriptions

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The first step in managing drilling wastes is to separate the solid cuttings from the liquid drilling mud. Once solid and liquid drilling wastes have been separated, companies can use a variety of technologies and practices to manage the wastes. For some applications, drilling wastes are solidified or stabilized prior to their ultimate management practice. The management technologies and practices can be grouped into three major categories: waste minimization, recycle/reuse, and disposal. Follow the links below to learn more about the specific technologies and practices in each category.

Waste Minimization

Practices that can reduce volumes or impacts of wastes.


Practices that find another use for drilling wastes.

  • Beneficial Reuse of Drilling Wastes
    • Recycling Muds
    • Roadspreading
    • Reuse of Cuttings for Construction Purposes
    • Restoration of Wetlands Using Cuttings
    • Use of Oily Cuttings as Fuel


Practices to get rid of drilling wastes.