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Describes the purpose of the Parameter Source Catalog Find pertinent source documents by selecting the desired model/code, environmental media, exposure pathway, parameter name, and/or contaminant Search the environmental data sources using keywords or phrases.  Search by author, title, report number, and/or abstract. Provides information on a parameter used in a model/code, including the expected parameter units, the environmental media most strongly associated with the parameter, and the exposure pathways dependent on the parameter Determine the parameters used by a model/code in an assessment by selecting the model/code and an exposure pathway Information on the model/codes supported. Latest version information, code manual listings, and contact information.

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The Parameter Source Catalog is a unique, web-based, searchable and updatable catalog of existing sources of information on parameters and other data used in pathway modeling for environmental cleanup of sites contaminated with radioactive materials.

Intended Use

The Catalog is intended for use by professionals, managers, and others involved or interested in the use of transport/exposure pathway modeling to determine the doses and risks associated with contaminated sites.


The Catalog provides subject and text search capabilities, and information on parameter definitions, on transport/exposure pathways, and on models and codes. It contains a tutorial for new users, and answers to frequently asked questions.


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