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RESRAD is a computer model designed to estimate radiation doses and risks from RESidual RADioactive materials.

The only code designated by DOE in Order 458.1 for the evaluation of radioactively contaminated sites.

NRC has approved the use of RESRAD for dose evaluation by licensees involved in decommissioning, NRC staff evaluation of waste disposal requests and dose evaluation of sites being reviewed by NRC staff.

RESRAD has been applied to over 300 sites in the U.S. and other countries.
EPA Science Advisory Board reviewed the RESRAD model. EPA used RESRAD in their rulemaking on radiation site cleanup regulations.

RESRAD code has been verified and has undergone several benchmarking analyses, and has been included in the IAEA's VAMP and BIOMOVS II projects to compare environmental transport models.

RESRAD training workshops have been held at DOE, NRC, and EPA headquarters and Regional offices; about 800 people have been trained at these workshops.
RESRAD has been used by several universities as a teaching tool.

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