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PDF Icon Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Materials Use Roadmap
1.42 MB  details

PDF Icon Depleted Uranium Uses - Beneficial Reuse '98
275 KB  details

HTML Icon Depleted Uranium Uses - Regulatory Requirements and Issues

PDF Icon Depleted Uranium Uses R&D Program
58 KB  details

PDF Icon Description of the Canadian Particulate Fill Waste Package (WP) System for Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF) and its Applicability to Light-Water Reactor SNF WASTE PACKAGES with Depleted Uranium Dioxide Fill
6.78 MB  details

PDF Icon Design of Transport Casks with Depleted Uranium Gamma Shield and Advanced Safety
1.1 MB  details

PDF Icon Ducrete: A Cost Effective Radiation Shielding Material
32 KB  details

PDF Icon Effect of Depleted-Uranium-Dioxide Particulate Fill on Spent-Nuclear-Fuel Waste Packages
1.75 MB  details

PDF Icon Engineering Analysis for Disposal of Depleted Uranium Tetrafluoride (UF4)
2.29 MB  details

PDF Icon Engineering Analysis Report for the Long-term Management of Depleted UF6 - Volume 1
84.35 MB  details

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