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Final EIS Document Request Form

Use the form below to order copies of the DUF6 Conversion Facility Final EISs and Records of Decision.

Step 3 Select the EIS that you want to receive.
Select one of the three options below.

Step 1 Request EIS copies.
Choose one or more of the following:

Step 2 Enter your personal information.
You must submit your full name and complete address including zip code to receive postal mail. You must provide an email address if you want to receive email notifications.

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Step 4 Submit your request(s)
Click the "Submit Request" button to submit your request for EIS copies. This action completes the request process.

After your request form is submitted, you'll get a printable acknowledgement for your records. You'll also be sent an e-mail receipt if you supplied an e-mail address.

Questions about requesting EIS copies over the Web? Contact us at:

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